Searching for Shopfitters? Project Partner Services Accommodates all Budgets

Project Partner Services sympathises with new and established businesses that don’t have large budgets available. We also aim to provide relief, offering competitive, quality options for every business. We emphasise turnkey solutions and custom installations, allowing our clients to achieve the necessary results. To learn more about our services contact us today.

Looking for Shopfitting Services?

At Project Partner Services, we aim to provide each client with bespoke strategies – delivering premium services and support. Our team, led by Director Stirling Sheck, who boasts more than three decades of fitting experience, offers a variety of budget-friendly options, including:

Project and Contract Management:

  • 100% Turnkey Fittings and Fixtures.
  • On-Site Management.
  • Local Authority Applications and Approvals.
  • Documentation and Contracts.

Procurement Services:

  • National and International Equipment Procurements.
  • Guaranteed Quality and Standards.

Through these services, we allow our clients to redefine their commercial spaces and reinvigorate their strategies. We also enable them to maintain their finances,with our shopfitters providing affordable results.

Our Commitment to Cost-Effective Strategies

The necessity of shopfitting proves undeniable. The cost of these services is often impossible to overcome – with retail and commercial outlets unable to afford crucial fittings, fixtures and design consultations.

The Project Partner Services’ team now counters this concern. We’re committed to exceptional management that doesn’t demand exceptionally high prices. We seek to fuse quality with cost-effectiveness, offering our clients access to accredited turnkey options. These choices ensure healthy ROIs, providing each company with the peace-of-mind (and the savings) they deserve.

We don’t compromise on quality. We instead recognise the need for value – we strive to fulfil that need with every project.

Look for Shopfitters? View our Past Projects.

Our team caters to all budgets. We also cater to all commercial and retail outlets, enabling every client to receive skilled care. Visit our Projects page to see samples of our recent work, learning what dedication to quality (and a promise of budget-friendly service) will provide.

To find out more about our shopfitting services contact us today by email or by phone 07 3437 8786. Our team will respond promptly to all questions or comments.